Between the years 1824-1861 Henderson was without a church building. Father Elisha J. Durbin had the responsibility of pastoral care for the Catholic population throughout western and southwestern Kentucky.  St. Louis Catholic Church was then built in 1861 and not until 1866 was it appointed its first resident pastor- Father William Dunn. 

 Father Thomas F. Tierney arrived in Henderson on January 5,1881 - the feast of the Holy Name.  During his 20 years here he labored to unite his growing congregation and oversee all the tasks involved in constructing a new church.  He asked for and received permission to change the name of this church to Holy Name of Jesus. In 1891 the new church located on the corner of Second and Ingram streets was completed and has remained the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church. 

Pastors of St. Louis Parish

Fr. William J.Dunn

Fr. Dominic F. Crane

Fr. Thomas J. Jenkins

Fr. A.M Coenen

Fr. William Van der Hagen

Fr. Thomas F. Tierney, 1881-1891


Pastors of Holy Name of Jesus Parish

Fr. Thomas F. Tierney               1891 - 1901

Fr. Edward J. Lynch                  1901 - 1920

Fr. B. J. Boland                          1920 - 1927

Fr. P. J. Dalton                           1927 - 1934

Fr. W. P. Lennartz                    1934 - 1938

Fr. Francis Smith                     1938 - 1939

Fr. Robert J. Gipperich           1939 - 1965

Fr. Joseph V. Rhodes              1965 - 1969

Fr. Ernest E. Willett                 1969 - 1983

Fr. C. Phillip Riney                   1983 - 1989

Fr. Thomas Clark                     1989 - 1995

Fr. J. Edward Bradley              1995 - 2011

Fr. Larry McBride                     2011 -