Ministry Spot-Light

As we work within a budget, we are wanting to let the parish know how that budget is spent. We will be highlighting ministries and letting you know of their part of the budget. I know when most people hear or read budget their eyes cross and they quickly move on to the next topic. We ask that you please take time to learn more about our parish.

Holy Name Elementary School


The school seeks to educate the whole child: body, mind, and spirit. Utilizing faith, academics, and service we groom our students to be the future leaders of our community. We have 66 employees and over 400 students. Our registration is open for next year and we would love to see your family join the Holy Name School Family if you haven’t already. We enroll at 2 ½ years of age for preschool through 8th grade. The school is an arm of the church and its largest ministry. The church subsidizes the school budget annually. This money directly supports teacher salaries, facility, and tuition assistance for parish sponsored families, among many other things. We are deeply grateful for the support of the church and it’s parishioners through your tithing.

Holy Name School

Look at what an elementary school can do!

Family Life Ministries

This ministry began in the fall of 2018. They plan to enhance a Christ centered community by promoting the sanctity and joy of Catholic Family Life!  This year’s events included: Backpack blessings, Easter Egg Hunt, and Trunk-or-Treat.

Altar Society

This group meets monthly and also keeps our sanctuary beautiful. They clean the church weekly on a monthly rotation, launders and irons the purificators weekly. They host many receptions. They provide much time and talent to our parish.

Holy Name Men's Club

One of many ministries that does not cost the parish anything! They are always ready to assist the parish and school. 

Serving Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church for over 40 years. Since its earliest days, the Holy Name Men's Club has raised thousands of dollars and donated hundreds of volunteer hours for use within our parish. Dinners, benefits, dances and numerous other fundraising activities make it possible for the Men's Club to provide scholarships, purchase equipment and make repairs wherever needed in our parish.

The Men's Club truly symbolizes what is meant by the dedication of one's Time, Talent and Treasure to our church and to our parish family 

Mary & Martha Outreach

Each week, whatever the regular collections are, 5% is deposited to the Mary and Martha Outreach Account.

This money is used by our Outreach Ministry to help the poor. The program is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am – 11am. Holy Name has 10 volunteers that meet with clients (anyone in Henderson County) to assist with basic necessities.  This can be utilities, rent, food, propane. Sometimes gasoline and medical. This money also purchases the food necessary for working the soup kitchen at Salvation Army twice a month and preparing back packs for children of public schools to have food over the weekend.  Thanks to a generous donation, the food pantry is able to stay stocked.

Social Action

The Social Action Ministry works in our parish for justice in our community and the world. They explore issues of social injustice and strive to share information with the parish. A few of the issues investigated by this ministry include respect for life, poverty, modern slavery, environmental conservation, elderly and disabled, homelessness, and hunger. This ministry also plans activities to address these issues. Ministry activities include mission trips, Aging Mastery Program, the Giving Tree at Christmas, Christmas cards for shut-ins, and Tree of Hope during Lent, congressional letter writing campaigns, Feed My Starving Children meal packing events, the Getting Ahead program, voter registration, the Just Faith program, and community service days. At Holy Name many hands make light work in service of others.

Hispanic Minstry

The Hispanic/Latino Ministry in Holy Name is committed to welcome and promote the cultural identity of the faces of our local Church, and to build a deeply Catholic and multicultural identity. Through a continuous process of integration, respecting and honoring its history, its faith traditions, and their contribution while working with different offices and being a bridge for social services as a major part of this beautiful community that struggles in the process of integration due to the barrier of language and very limited income. 

Our Hispanic/Latino office works with collaborative effort of agencies in the area to help our Latinos in need, provides English as a Second Language Classes, Interprets at Courts and during medical visits; translate documents into Spanish. 

We help improve the Health of our local Latino Community with our annual Latino Health Fair, the largest in the Tristate. We celebrate Liturgies and devotions in Spanish keeping the vibrant traditions of our Hispanic Parishioners. The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe gathers hundreds every year and is the summit of our well integrated community. In the last five years our Latino Community has doubled in numbers and is continuing to grow really fast.  Holy Name is the spiritual home to more than 200 Latino Families living in Henderson. 

Administration and Maintenance

You don’t think of Administration and Maintenance as a “Ministry” but they are what supports all ministries. Administration is the faces that you see when you walk in the parish office. They prepare bulletins and Voices, maintain sacramental records, and update parish census and contribution information. They make certain all supplies necessary for all ministries are available. Financial records, cemetery records are maintained. These expenses include postage, computers, all paper supplies and printing expenses, books and subscriptions, all which is necessary for ministries to operate. This also includes the parish’s diocesan assessment. 

Maintenance is the routine expenses for operating. They include utilities, insurance, telephone, equipment rentals, mowing and all items such as bulbs, cleaning supplies, paper supplies for the entire parish and St. Margaret Chapel.  These expenses also include salaries and benefits.

We hope to be good stewards of the parish’s money and to keep these expenses as low as possible. Thank you for your generous contributions.

Music & Liturgy

Our Music and Liturgy teams are working hard to serve anyone who comes to pray with us by creating excellent prayer experiences at Holy Name.

Our Music Ministry and its growth is something our parish can be very proud of. To ensure we can have excellent music at any Mass you might come to at Holy Name (the 6 Masses per weekend plus all Holy Days and Holidays) we need quite the system. Our music ministry has grown by almost 20% over the last year to about 75 people and 8 groups. We have especially grown in our efforts with youth music. We now have 2 youth specific music groups made up of over 15 young people. This summer we will run 3 totally free programs-a music reading workshop for adults, a middle school music camp, and a community worship night with local youth bands- and this is all happening thanks to the generous contributions of our parishioners.

Our Liturgy teams consist of all ministers who serve at Mass, the Liturgy Committee, and all the wonderful people who work behind the scenes to make Mass happen. Thanks to parishioner contributions we are able to have all the supplies we need for Mass, as well as the ability to create beautiful environments for prayer with banners, flowers, decorations, vestments, etc. These are all key to making the weekend experience happen and wouldn't be possible without your support. 

We hope our continued efforts will bring more people to Jesus Christ through powerful prayer services. We appreciate your partnership in making this possible.

Religious Education

Faith Formation is one of the most important gifts you can give your child and your family. It is a journey shared between families and the parish community.  The Church believes parents are the primary educators of their children, and this ministry seeks to support parents in this lifelong journey by providing catechetical instruction in scripture, doctrine, prayer and worship.  We assist in preparing for sacraments and providing retreat experiences in hopes of fostering personal and spiritual growth. 

Religious Education classes for grades K-8th grade on Sunday mornings strive to help the child grow in love for Christ Jesus, their faith formation and spiritual development.  

If we hope to offer effective catechesis, we must begin by ensuring we are a welcoming community that provides space and opportunities for people, young and old, to encounter Jesus Christ. The ultimate objective of faith formation is discipleship, which is a lifelong challenge, an ongoing process of conversion, not only involving the mind, but the whole person.  Evangelization takes formation from academics to witness faith-sharing, ultimately calling the church to “go out!” 

Religious Education includes the following ministries: RCIA, VBS, Religious Education K-8th Grades, and Sacramental Prep. Your generous contributions to Holy Name Parish makes this possible.


Our Youth Ministry serves youth grades 7-12, and strives to keep relationships with our graduated students as well. We meet for fellowship, study, prayer, and/or service on average of 25 Sunday nights, on these nights there are anywhere from 20-80 youth involved. Throughout the year we offer three overnights just geared towards fellowship. We are able to offer our 7-12 grade students the opportunity to go on three different weekend retreats opening them up for life changing conversion experiences. Our high school seniors have a retreat designed for discernment as they close a major chapter of their life. In the summer we encourage our youth to participate on a weeklong mission trip where they are challenged to go deeper in their faith, and grow closer as a faith community. Youth are currently signing up for the mission experience, if you or someone you know are interested in participating or mentoring please, contact Peyton. 

As with all ministries, they cost.  This is another one of the many ministries paid for with our parishioners’ generous donations. 


Holy Name Parish’s paid staff is one of its largest ministries. The parish alone pays 10 lay employees and two clergy employees. These staff members have doubled the number of youth who want to participate in our music ministry, they visit our local High Schools to have lunch with our students, they visit the detention center, courts and hospitals helping with translations, they visit families who have a child preparing for Confirmation, they are the smiling faces that welcome so many and seek to answer questions, they are the ones who keep close watch over our finances, and do countless other duties for the good of our parish and community. 

This is one of the many ministries paid for with our parishioners’ generous donations.