Health Ministry

       Health Ministries at Holy Name of Jesus is ready for an exciting New Year in 2020.  The parish has an opportunity to be a part of a health culture as we journey together to become an Upgrade Church.

       The Upgrade Church in church programs applies the principles of faith and evidence-based curriculum to encourage healthy behaviors that can last a lifetime.

       If you would like to volunteer in this exciting new ministry, please contact Shannon Long, Faith Community Nurse of Holy Name of Jesus.




There is much anxiety about the medical concern for our world today with Coronavirus.  Please do not panic . Those who like to learn from the internet, educate yourself from a reliable source.  I encourage  the Center for Disease Control for information . 

Eat Smart and Move More

Our first program begins January 21, 2020, in the Parish Hall.  Become one of our Faithful Families.  For more details email me, Shannon at