According to The Diocese of Owensboro Policy Manual...

     Every parish must have a parish pastoral council.  Each parish must also have a finance council as a coordinating committee of the parish pastoral council or as a subcommittee of the parish administration committee.  A pastor may not disband the pastoral or finance council without the permission of the bishop.

     Members must be registered and active members of the parish and are to be elected/appointed for a particular term, determined by the council statues.

     In addition to the finance committee (subcommittee), there must be at least three other coordinating committees:  worship, education, social concerns.  These four committees may be called by the above names or they may be called by similar names.  The school board will function as a subcommittee of the education committee.


Minutes of Parish Council Meetings:

Parish Council Minutes August 2016

Parish Council Minutes September 2016

Parish Council Minutes October 2016

Parish Council Minutes November 2016

Parish Council Minutes December 2016

Parish Council Minutes January 2017

Parish Council Minutes February 2017

Parish Council Minutes March 2017

Parish Council Minutes April 2017

Parish Council Minutes June 2017

Parish Council Minutes August 2017

Parish Council Minutes September 2017 



 Holy Name Council Members are: 

Parish Pastoral Council Parish Finance Council School Council
Tony Krampe - Chair Terry Carver Latasha Biggs - Chair
Nancy McKinney Phyllis Crafton Sed Sheffer
Anne Klaffer Karen Morris Jeremy Alexander
Rhonda Gillham Michael Berger Bayardo Solorza
Nancy Latta Nikki Butler Doug Bell
Liz Long   Doug Mullins
Connie Grossman   Brandon Hartmire


























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