Holy Name Parish has its own lending library in the Parish Hall. It is dedicated “The St. Jerome Library”, aptly named as St. Jerome is the patron saint of librarians. Grant money was obtained to pay for a varied selection of DVDs and CDs in a range of subjects. Some of these topics are Vatican history, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Thomas Merton, Pope Francis, women in the Bible, ecumenism, and spiritual retreats, to name just a few.

Our approach is simple and low-tech. There are cards in pockets on each item. Borrowers will simply need to write their names, the date of the loan, and a phone number on the card. Leave the card in a dedicated basket. Loan periods will be two (2) weeks. You may return your items directly to the library when a volunteer is present, or you may take them to the church office. But the easiest way to return items will be in the Sunday collection basket at Mass. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

A schedule is in the bulletin and in the library area to let you know when a volunteer is present to check items in and out. If you want to leisurely browse the library at your own pace when a volunteer is not present, just ask a staff person in the office to open the cabinet for you.

We encourage families to view the DVDs and listen to the CDs together, as well as discuss and pray about them together. When you’re done, please write a little note to let us know what you think, and tuck it into the card pocket when you return your item. Did you like the DVD? What is a good family viewing experience? Was the CD better suited to solitary listening? Tell us what you think, and you may be quoted in the Sunday bulletin.

Please let us know what you think. Feedback from you will be very important to the success of the St. Jerome Library.

Fo a list of what the Library carries, click here.


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